About R.H Reptiles.

R.H Reptiles are based in Essex and strive to produce the highest quality captive bred reptiles possible with colubrids and royal pythons being the main focus.

We have been keeping and breeding colubrids (mostly corn snakes) since 2004 and in 2006 we took our first steps into keeping and breeding royal pythons as well.

Since acquiring our first corn snake in 2004 our collection has expanded dramatically and we went from being a keeper of a couple of breeding snakes in a spare room to having multiple breeding snakes in dedicated and purpose built rooms.

Here at R.H Reptiles we pride ourselves on producing only the best examples of any species and cultivar we work with. We have spent the last 8 years hand picking our animals and holding back offspring we have produced in order to achieve our goal of producing top quality animals so that we in turn can provide our customers with the same quality animals too.

Whilst our main breeding focus lies with corn snakes and royal pythons we are also working with jungle carpet pythons, various mutations of king snakes, milk snakes and pine snakes and also locality boa constrictors.

We hope our diverse collection will allow us to cater for all reptile enthusiasts.

Rachel Harriett.